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Graph API is not reporting number of likes (shares) anymore, or is at least inconstant about it:

Here likes are missing:

but present on IMDB:

also old output with number of shares and comments can be found for older web pages.

Is this a problem with roll-out or is this a bug? From what I can gather output started to change around 20th.

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Looks like a bug to me. FQL Query is an alternative that still works. Here's an example:

select comment_count, share_count, like_count from link_stat where url = ""

Try the API Explorer here:

However I would love it if they changed the Graph API to return share counts and comment counts again.

This official Facebook doc ( still recommends using the Graph API for comment counts, however it does not seem to work with new pages like this one:

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There is a bug report for this on… It has been set to low priority :( – utvara Dec 28 '12 at 14:11
Facebook changed priority to medium, so hopefully it will be resolved shortly. – 262Hz Dec 30 '12 at 1:00

It has been accepted as bug few days ago,

hope they resolve this in short future

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