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I've try to Unregister device by gcm using this Code :

 btn = (Button)findViewById(R.id.button1);

 btn.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {            
    public void onClick(View v) {

with knowledge that i used this code in onCreate() Method ... but when i try send a notification to the DeviceID the notification Arrives that mean the Unregister process didn't success

My onCreate()

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    txt = (TextView)findViewById(R.id.txt_nn);
    final String regId = GCMRegistrar.getRegistrationId(this);
    if (regId.equals(""))
      GCMRegistrar.register(this, "344XXXXXXX571");
      Log.v("Info : ", "Already registered");


     btn = (Button)findViewById(R.id.button1);

     btn.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {            
        public void onClick(View v) {

My LogCat

12-25 17:16:31.290: E/Trace(18754): error opening trace file: No such file or directory (2)
12-25 17:16:31.425: V/Info :(18754): Already registered
12-25 17:16:31.485: D/libEGL(18754): loaded /system/lib/egl/libEGL_mali.so
12-25 17:16:31.490: D/libEGL(18754): loaded /system/lib/egl/libGLESv1_CM_mali.so
12-25 17:16:31.495: D/libEGL(18754): loaded /system/lib/egl/libGLESv2_mali.so
12-25 17:16:31.500: D/(18754): Device driver API match
12-25 17:16:31.500: D/(18754): Device driver API version: 10
12-25 17:16:31.500: D/(18754): User space API version: 10 
12-25 17:16:31.500: D/(18754): mali: REVISION=Linux-r2p4-02rel0 BUILD_DATE=Wed Sep 12 17:53:53 KST 2012 
12-25 17:16:31.540: D/OpenGLRenderer(18754): Enabling debug mode 0
12-25 17:16:43.015: D/GestureDetector(18754): [Surface Touch Event] mSweepDown False, mLRSDCnt : -1 mTouchCnt : 2 mFalseSizeCnt:0
12-25 17:16:43.020: D/GCMRegistrar(18754): resetting backoff for com.example.test09_gsm
12-25 17:16:43.020: V/GCMRegistrar(18754): Unregistering app com.example.test09_gsm
12-25 17:16:46.865: V/GCMBroadcastReceiver(18754): onReceive: com.google.android.c2dm.intent.REGISTRATION
12-25 17:16:46.865: V/GCMBroadcastReceiver(18754): GCM IntentService class: com.example.test09_gsm.GCMIntentService
12-25 17:16:46.870: V/GCMBaseIntentService(18754): Acquiring wakelock
12-25 17:16:46.895: V/GCMBaseIntentService(18754): Intent service name: GCMIntentService-IntentService-1
12-25 17:16:46.895: E/GCMRegistrar(18754): internal error: retry receiver class not set yet
12-25 17:16:46.895: V/GCMRegistrar(18754): Registering receiver
12-25 17:16:46.895: D/GCMBaseIntentService(18754): handleRegistration: registrationId = null, error = null, unregistered = com.example.test09_gsm
12-25 17:16:46.895: D/GCMRegistrar(18754): resetting backoff for com.example.test09_gsm
12-25 17:16:46.895: V/GCMRegistrar(18754): Saving regId on app version 1
12-25 17:16:46.940: D/onUnregistered(18754): APA91bFrB0pJOQqq7MxSe-so7fbqh70jLpX6bRrcRIdW6py1EuxletPfGr5ZlkytrenbdnJskdWXckjIcHWsvtKXppZ1PsMbhfkzIc9BmX26brIVDTCRSXPey7POA3UqP6EexMD4w_plFQkVy-9pacCqbBfV0k91dQ
12-25 17:16:46.940: V/GCMBaseIntentService(18754): Releasing wakelock

please can you help me to unregister the device on GCM and don't receive the future notification

thanks in advance

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Check if you are registering receiver to handle your GCM messages. Check mHandleMessageReceiver. I am assuming that you are using the same code as given in documentation.

But if you don't want to handle unregistered message Goto GCMIntentService class and see onUnregistered method. Remove displayMessage() as I commented the line.

    protected void onUnregistered(Context context, String registrationId) {
        Log.i(TAG, "Device unregistered");
        //displayMessage(context, getString(R.string.gcm_unregistered));
        if (GCMRegistrar.isRegisteredOnServer(context)) {
            ServerUtilities.unregister(context, registrationId);
        } else {
            // This callback results from the call to unregister made on
            // ServerUtilities when the registration to the server failed.
            Log.i(TAG, "Ignoring unregister callback");

This will do your task.

Happy coding :)

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thank you @Pankaj when I use the code it gives me error in the ServerUtilities Class ServerUtilities cannot be resolved –  Loai Dec 25 '12 at 21:49
Hey... I am not saying that you have to use this code... simply comment that line. –  Pankaj Kumar Dec 26 '12 at 4:47
I mean In this Code ServerUtilities.unregister(context, registrationId); should I Create A class ServerUtilities ?? –  Loai Dec 26 '12 at 5:52
This class handles the flag and action to unregister the device from your server (NOT from GCM). So if you want to unregister your device from server, you can write your own code.... (You can refer this class to understand how they handles.... remember this class is written for the server which included in documentation code sample). For more info... can you explain your task and your code? –  Pankaj Kumar Dec 26 '12 at 6:32
no , actually i only need to Unregister the Device from the GCM –  Loai Dec 26 '12 at 6:39

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