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I'm using dflydev's markdown which is based on michelf's project to transform Markdown into HTML.

My site is RTL by default and I'd like to add a custom tag to allow left-aligning paragraphs,
something like:

regular text, right aligned.

<- some text that will be aligned to the left

fenced text that will be aligned to the left

I'm trying to build the regex pattern to catch those blocks:

  • For <- ... I have: /^<- ([^\n]+)/
  • For the fenced block I couldn't get a working pattern

I'd like to get help on the fenced block regex and on improving the one-line regex I already have.


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This would match your second group:


For your first group I would use something like this instead:

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It matches the block content correctly, but I need to replace the whole block <-- ... <-- with the HTML <span>...</span> and the matches don't include the tags <-- – tamir Dec 25 '12 at 15:43
@tamir checkout my response, I updated it to include the tags – user1006989 Dec 25 '12 at 15:48

For your first case you can use


and get the first group.

For the second case use


and get the first group.

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