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I'm new to Matlab, and have some difficult to generate a "Multi Color" graph. I'm reading data from a text file into three vectors: X, Y and Cluster. I need to generate a graph for X and Y and to set the color of the point according to the cluster {0,1,2}. Can you please advise how can I do that? From what I tried to do, it only gives me an option to draw a plot by X,Y with one color.

Thanks in advance, Adi

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It seems like you are trying to do a scatter plot

cmp = lines(3);
scatter( X, Y, 20, cmp(Cluster+1), 'filled');

note the +1 when indexing cmp - Matlab's first index is 1 and not 0!

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You can also write: scatter( X, Y, 20, Cluster, 'filled');colormap(lines(3)); to obtain the same result. Using indexed colors allows you to specify any numeric input for the color argument in scatter. –  Jonas Dec 25 '12 at 17:16

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