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The commands:

mat = magic( 4 );

out = cat( 3, mat, mat );

concatenate matrix 'mat', along third dimension, 2 time and produce a 4-by-4-by-2 array

how to do this work 'n' time an produce a 4-by-4-by-n array without using loop?

I know this is possible by using a cell array like this:

out = cat( 3, cellArray{:} );

but how to create this cell array? :

cellArray = {mat, mat, ... , mat}; % n time

how to Concatenate arrays n time in matlab ?

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You can use repmat.

If you want a 3-dimensional matrix:

mat = magic(4);
n = 3; % Number of times you want to replicate
out = repmat(mat,[1 1 n]);

out will be a 4x4xn double array.

If you want a cell array you can do this as an additional step:

outCell = mat2cell(out,4,4,ones(1,n));

outCell will be a 1x1xn cell array.

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@HamedHamed: You can simply call repmat({mat},[1,1,n]) if the output should be a cell array. – Jonas Dec 25 '12 at 20:59

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