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I'd like to ask how can I make my python irc bot run commands only given by specified nick ?

My bot has Skybot - Python IRC bot core, it's based on it.

That's the module that imports in every command

import inspect
import re

def _hook_add(func, add, name=''):
if not hasattr(func, '_hook'):
    func._hook = []

if not hasattr(func, '_filename'):
    func._filename = func.func_code.co_filename

if not hasattr(func, '_args'):
    argspec = inspect.getargspec(func)
    if name:
        n_args = len(argspec.args)
        if argspec.defaults:
            n_args -= len(argspec.defaults)
        if argspec.keywords:
            n_args -= 1
        if argspec.varargs:
            n_args -= 1
        if n_args != 1:
            err = '%ss must take 1 non-keyword argument (%s)' % (name,
            raise ValueError(err)

    args = []
    if argspec.defaults:
        end = bool(argspec.keywords) + bool(argspec.varargs)
                    end if end else None])
    if argspec.keywords:
        args.append(0)  # means kwargs present
    func._args = args

if not hasattr(func, '_thread'):  # does function run in its own thread?
    func._thread = False

def sieve(func):
    if func.func_code.co_argcount != 5:
        raise ValueError(
                'sieves must take 5 arguments: (bot, input, func, type, args)')
    _hook_add(func, ['sieve', (func,)])
    return func

def command(arg=None, **kwargs):
    args = {}

def command_wrapper(func):
    args.setdefault('name', func.func_name)
    _hook_add(func, ['command', (func, args)], 'command')
    return func

if kwargs or not inspect.isfunction(arg):
    if arg is not None:
        args['name'] = arg
    return command_wrapper
    return command_wrapper(arg)

def event(arg=None, **kwargs):
    args = kwargs

def event_wrapper(func):
    args['name'] = func.func_name
    args.setdefault('events', ['*'])
    _hook_add(func, ['event', (func, args)], 'event')
    return func

if inspect.isfunction(arg):
    return event_wrapper(arg, kwargs)
    if arg is not None:
        args['events'] = arg.split()
    return event_wrapper

def singlethread(func):
    func._thread = True
    return func

def regex(regex, flags=0, **kwargs):
    args = kwargs

def regex_wrapper(func):
    args['name'] = func.func_name
    args['regex'] = regex
    args['re'] = re.compile(regex, flags)
    _hook_add(func, ['regex', (func, args)], 'regex')
    return func

if inspect.isfunction(regex):
    raise ValueError("regex decorators require a regex to match against")
    return regex_wrapper

and that's how a simple command works:

from util import hook, http

def calc(inp):
    '''.calc <term> google calc result'''

    h = http.get_html('http://www.google.com/search', q=inp)

    m = h.xpath('//h2[@class="r"]/text()')

    if not m:
        return "Could not calculate " + inp

    res = ' '.join(m[0].split())

    return res

Also, I'd like to make it to have 2 admins, like only 2 people will be able to command it.I'd have done that myself, but looking at code I have no idea what to do :?

Thank you!

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Add a nick keyword argument to your function, then check that against a list of nicks allowed to execute administrator commands:

administrators = ('nick1', 'nick2')

def someadmincommand(inp, nick=''):
    if nick not in administratiors:
        return 'I don't think so, {0}'.format(nick)

    # `nick` is an administrator, do your worst
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I'll try it and post. Thank you. –  Tom Jenkins Dec 25 '12 at 16:54
That's what I wrote, and I get this error: > Traceback (most recent call last): File "core\reload.py", line 89, > in reload > eval(code, namespace) File "plugins\ping.py", line 5, in <module> > def ping(nick="",say=None): File "plugins\util\hook.py", line 63, in command > return command_wrapper(arg) File "plugins\util\hook.py", line 54, in command_wrapper > _hook_add(func, ['command', (func, args)], 'command') File "plugins\util\hook.py", line 26, in _hook_add > raise ValueError(err) ValueError: commands must take 1 non-keyword argument (ping) –  Tom Jenkins Dec 25 '12 at 17:12
Here is the code: from util import hook @hook.command("p") @hook.command def ping(nick="",say=None): administrators = ('tom', 'john') if nick not in administratiors: return "no" if nick in administrators: return "success" –  Tom Jenkins Dec 25 '12 at 17:13
@TomJenkins: You forgot the inp argument, you cannot just drop that. –  Martijn Pieters Dec 25 '12 at 19:04
Ok, I've added inp too. And it still gives me an error.from util import hook @hook.command("p") @hook.command def ping(inp,nick="",say=None): administrators = ('tom', 'john') if nick not in administratiors: return "no" if nick in administrators: return "succes" Here is the error: File "core\main.py", line 66, in run out = func(input.inp, **kw) File "plugins\ping.py", line 7, in ping if nick not in administratiors: NameError: global name 'administratiors' is not defined –  Tom Jenkins Dec 26 '12 at 7:37

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