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I am dynamically adding a utility bar after each major section of an Intranet page and dynamically generating a Table of Contents that links to each major section heading. That is working well. I also managed to get a "Back to Top" link working, with scroll, after each section. Now, I would like to add two more buttons along side the 'Back to Top' buttons.

  1. Forward to a Friend
  2. Bookmark this Page

I currently have "Back to Top" working, as you can see at this page:

1. Forward to a Friend
1.1 When someone clicks 'Forward to a Friend' I want it create an email in their default email app, and the email subject to be "Check out: Page Title Here" where 'Page Title Here' is the text from the first Heading (h1, h2, h3, or h4) on the page.

1.2 I'd like the email's subject to be "Visit:" where the URL is the page URL that was shared.

More or less, I need to dynamically create the MailTo link, and add it after 'Back to Top' on this page linked to above.

Here is the script file that is currently working and needs modification: (note the //commented last line)

2. Bookmark this Page
I will worry about this one after I get the email link working. I've read a few posts on SO regarding this, but none of them work cross browser.

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I understand I need to build an array of variables for the first heading and the page URL. I don't understand how to code that, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, how to get it working with the linked-to script file above that does the auto inserting after each section. – chsweb Dec 25 '12 at 17:52
UPDATE: For now, I've opted to use and I've bent it to my will. It's more complex than what I wanted, but it gets the job one until this post gets some traction – chsweb Dec 26 '12 at 14:54

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