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I like to build something similar,non commercial, to what Bloomberg offers. Now please do not misunderstand I am not looking to implement all functionality nor vast amount of data available from Bloomberg but I look to build a server side application that can serve through tcp data and function requests for my own usage. I do not need API connectivity from excel or other programming languages but instead look to build something similar to their standard screens.

For example, a screen that lets me load a security and then potentially chart the data. The server would serve the requested historical data along with available real time quotes. The client would run out of process over tcp or other protocol. I struggle with the big picture general and abstract building blocks such project would require. In particular anyone who could shed light into the following points would be much appreciated.

  • what kind of database is recommended for such endeavor? I am looking at offering up to 5000 securities of different asset classes with historical data amounting to a max of several hundred million datapoints each ( in the case of tick based data). This is not a trading application but used to visualize data and perform pricing and/ or other statistical calculations such as correlations or volatility calculations.

  • I want to be able to specify screening criteria which are then applied to the available historical time series over a specified look back period. Also screens where live data / dynamic data changes are Taken into account. Basically historical screens would be executed on the fly and live screens would account for changing data and result in changes to the results as a function of the screening criteria and changing market prices. Also the server side would update automatically certain data calculations based on new incoming data and make them available as new time series that can then be accessed at any time and served to clients.

Based on the above I am interested in learning how someone would design such framework from the ground up. I have tons of time series data, several connectivities to real-time data providers, want to provide custom metrics/ time series that are computed based on certain available historical data and live data and have them continuously updated in real time. the screening engine is of particular concern: basically a tool that can offer filter results on the fly or pre-computed to interested clients. Any big picture hints, links to websites of similar projects? I am targeting .net4.5 c# and c++. Kdb database implementations are out of question for budget reasons but SQL server would be ok though I think other solutions may work better for time series based data storage though a lot of data is relational data as well not just time series. But I definitely do not want to focus e discussion on databases alone. I think it is a suitable question as I ask for specific ideas and help how to attack the 25000 feet above the ground design framework. But please let me know if this is still too broad. I am not asking for specific implementation details but more along the lines of how to , for example, implement such scanning and filter technology.

If there is a more suitable site to post this kind of question would someone please point me to it rather than just voting to close the question.


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You're specifically asking for a discussion. That is outside of the scope of SO. –  Matthew Lundberg Dec 25 '12 at 18:18
No I ask for ideas how to design a server side screening and data serving application. How else should I pose a question about system architecture design? It will always be broader than asking how to find the last row of a text file without reading in or iterating over the whole file –  Matt Wolf Dec 25 '12 at 18:19

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