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i am trying to login vbulletins forum using htmlunit

i can connect to my forum and set my username and password but when click in login button i can not login into my user

this is my code :


        final WebClient webClient = new WebClient();


        final HtmlPage page1 =(HtmlPage) webClient.getPage("http://mysite.com/forum.php");

        final HtmlForm form1 = (HtmlForm) page1.getElementById("navbar_loginform"); 

        final HtmlSubmitInput button= form1.getInputByValue("login"); 
        final HtmlTextInput username = form1.getElementById("navbar_username");

        final HtmlTextInput password = form1.getElementById("navbar_password_hint");


       final HtmlPage page2 =button.click();


    catch(Exception x)
        JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "can not connect");

when i get url of page2 result is like "http://mysite.com/login.php?s=36401731df153421f06a8497b3b859df&do=login"

please help me to fix my problem , thank you

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i set value in bellow tags and i could login to my user :

input type="hidden" name="vb_login_md5password"

input type="hidden" name="vb_login_md5password_utf"

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