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I have found a really nice captcha control which is based on jquery.

But they wrote a php method and I really do not have any experience in php.

jquery codes:

 ;(function( $ ){
    $.fn.captcha = function(options){

    var defaults = {  
       borderColor: "",  
        captchaDir: "../../content/captcha", 
       url: "captcha/captcha.php",  
       formId: "myForm",  
       text: "Verify that you are a human,<br />drag <span>scissors</span> into the circle.",
       items: Array("pencil", "scissors", "clock", "heart", "note") 

    var options = $.extend(defaults, options); 

    $(this).html("<b class='ajax-fc-rtop'><b class='ajax-fc-r1'></b> <b class='ajax-fc-r2'></b> <b class='ajax-fc-r3'></b> <b class='ajax-fc-r4'></b></b><img class='ajax-fc-border' id='ajax-fc-left' src='" + options.captchaDir + "/imgs/border-left.png' /><img class='ajax-fc-border' id='ajax-fc-right' src='" + options.captchaDir + "/imgs/border-right.png' /><div id='ajax-fc-content'><div id='ajax-fc-left'><p id='ajax-fc-task'>" + options.text + "</p><ul id='ajax-fc-task'><li class='ajax-fc-0'><img src='" + options.captchaDir + "/imgs/item-none.png' alt='' /></li><li class='ajax-fc-1'><img src='" + options.captchaDir + "/imgs/item-none.png' alt='' /></li><li class='ajax-fc-2'><img src='" + options.captchaDir + "/imgs/item-none.png' alt='' /></li><li class='ajax-fc-3'><img src='" + options.captchaDir + "/imgs/item-none.png' alt='' /></li><li class='ajax-fc-4'><img src='" + options.captchaDir + "/imgs/item-none.png' alt='' /></li></ul></div><div id='ajax-fc-right'><a target='_blank' href='http://www.webdesignbeach.com'><img id='ajax-fc-backlink' src='" + options.captchaDir + "/imgs/wdb.png' alt='Web Design Beach' /></a><p id='ajax-fc-circle'></p></div></div><div id='ajax-fc-corner-spacer'></div><b class='ajax-fc-rbottom'><b class='ajax-fc-r4'></b> <b class='ajax-fc-r3'></b> <b class='ajax-fc-r2'></b> <b class='ajax-fc-r1'></b></b>");
        var rand = $.ajax({ url: options.url,async: false }).responseText;

    var pic = randomNumber();
    $(".ajax-fc-" + rand).html( "<img src=\"" + options.captchaDir +"/imgs/item-" + options.items[pic] + ".png\" alt=\"\" />");
    $("p#ajax-fc-task span").html(options.items[pic]);
    $(".ajax-fc-" + rand).addClass('ajax-fc-highlighted');
    $(".ajax-fc-" + rand).draggable({ containment: '#ajax-fc-content' });
    var used = Array();
    for(var i=0;i<5;i++){
        if(i != rand && i != pic)   
            $(".ajax-fc-" +i).html( "<img src=\"" + options.captchaDir +"/imgs/item-" + options.items[i] + ".png\" alt=\"\" />");
            used[i] = options.items[i];
    $(".ajax-fc-container, .ajax-fc-rtop *, .ajax-fc-rbottom *").css("background-color", options.borderColor);
        drop: function(event, ui) {
            $(".ajax-fc-" + rand).draggable("disable");
            $("#" + options.formId).append("<input type=\"hidden\" style=\"display: none;\" name=\"captcha\" value=\"" + rand + "\">");
        tolerance: 'touch'

})( jQuery );

function randomNumber() {
    var chars = "01234";
    chars += ".";
    var size = 1;
    var i = 1;
    var ret = "";
        while ( i <= size ) {
            $max = chars.length-1;
            $num = Math.floor(Math.random()*$max);
            $temp = chars.substr($num, 1);
            ret += $temp;
    return ret;

var rand = $.ajax({ url: options.url,async: false }).responseText;

this is getting value from php method which is at following

  jQuery Fancy Captcha

  Created by Web Design Beach.
  Copyright 2009 Web Design Beach. All rights reserved.
session_start(); /* starts session to save generated random number */

/* this compare captcha's number from POST and SESSION */
if($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == "POST" && isset($_POST['captcha']) && $_POST['captcha'] == $_SESSION['captcha'])
                echo "Passed!"; /* YOUR CODE GOES HERE */
                unset($_SESSION['captcha']); /* this line makes session free, we recommend you to keep it */
elseif($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == "POST" && !isset($_POST['captcha']))
                echo "Failed!";
/* in case that form isn't submitted this file will create a random number and save it in session */
                $rand = rand(0,4);
                $_SESSION['captcha'] = $rand;
                echo $rand;

as I see, it generates a random number and save it in session, if session already has it, it sends it.

here is my asp.net code

  public string CaptchaControl( )
         string captha="";

            captha = HttpContext.Session["captcha"].ToString();
        catch (Exception)

            Random rnd = new Random();
            captha = rnd.Next(0, 5).ToString();
            Session.Add("captcha", captha); 

        return captha;


and here is my jquery method

function GenerateNumber() {
var numara = 0;
        type: "post",
        url: '@Url.Action("JqueryOku","Home")',
        success: function (msg) {
        numara = msg;
            alert("captcha " + msg);
        error: function (request, status, error) {

            alert("Hata oluştu: " + error + "\nHata Kodu: " + request.status);

return numara;


normally, it works if its not in this js file. but if I put this code to that file like

 var rand = GenerateNumber();

I get this error

  • POST loclhost:8383/Account/@Url.Action(%22JqueryOku%22,%22Home%22) 500 (Internal Server Error) jquery-1.5.1.js:7315
  • send jquery-1.5.1.js:7315
  • jQuery.extend.ajax jquery-1.5.1.js:6776
  • $.fn.captcha jquery.captcha.js:19 (anonymous function) Register:57
  • deferred.resolveWith jquery-1.5.1.js:865
  • jQuery.extend.ready jquery-1.5.1.js:423
  • DOMContentLoaded jquery-1.5.1.js:1058

JqueryOku method is in HomeController. I do not know where is my mistake

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I solved my own problem.

I changed url: '@Url.Action("JqueryOku","Home")',


url: "../../Home/JQueryOku",

and works.. I think single quotes defines it as a string value

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