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I want to see a video of somebody using Emacs really, really well. Not an instructional video, just something that shows off its raw power. I want to be dazzled.

The inspiration for this question is the following quote:

"You have to be way smart to use [Emacs] well, and it makes you incredibly powerful if you can master it. Go look over Paul Nordstrom's shoulder while he works sometime, if you don't believe me. It's a real eye-opener for someone who's used Visual Blub .NET-like IDEs their whole career."

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EmacsWiki has some links to screencasts that show some Emacs wizardry:

The Slime video by Marco Baringer (linked on the EmacsWiki page) is excellent if you're interested in Lisp, and there's some great annotation of that video (which explains some of the keyboard shortcuts) here: - which is good for inspiration once you get started with Emacs.

If you're interested in Python, see

UPDATE September 2012: looks interesting. It's new, and it looks like there's a plan to add more videos.

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I thought was interesting (it shows off C++ mode in Emacs). shows off editing Python in vim. – Yktula Apr 18 '10 at 2:36
Are there any real over-the-shoulder videos with someone who mastered Emacs? – keiw Dec 1 '11 at 21:05
@keiw Do you mean literally over-the-shoulder? You might be able to jump onto youtube and find people using Emacs but I don't know if you could read the screen and see the keyboard at the same time. If you don't mean literally, but instead want to see topic videos, then you can find lots of videos on youtube/ - you can find people doing Lisp/C/Ruby/etc., or even doing livecoding. If that's the sort of thing you mean, let me know and I'll find some and update my answer. – Matt Curtis Dec 5 '11 at 4:46
@keiw Also you can find lots of videos of people using different modes, e.g. org-mode (, yasnippet (, many videos on Clojure and Haskell.. – Matt Curtis Dec 5 '11 at 4:48

I'm answering this 2.5 years after this question was asked but this may help people googling for Emacs videos or newcomers selecting the "top voted Emacs questions"...

There's a recent (as in: "recent as I write this, which is 2012") series called "Emacs Rocks!" which does, definitely, rock.

The series has its own website:

And it can also be found on YouTube by searching for "Emacs Rocks" (by YouTube user "emacsrocks".

There's a four part video where the author(s) do create interactively a new emacs mode and it's great to watch.

It's also very cool to see some less well-known modes like ace-jump-mode and multiple-line-edit in action.

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I just watched his Web Rebels presentation ( which was really superb, and as good an example of what the question was asking for as I've seen. – phils Jul 10 '12 at 1:32
I believe emacsrocks is the best now (year 2014). Paul Nordstrom at year 2008 cannot beat emacsrocks author at year 2014 simply because emacs itself has improved much during 6 years. – chen bin Jul 11 '14 at 4:09

This seems hard to find. This one was pretty good for showing a LISP programmer using SLIME in Emacs

Watching Rich Hickey (self-proclaimed emacs noob write clojure in an Aquamacs on the mac was pretty cool) -- he runs clojure snippets from the editor.

(there are more on that site)

Here is someone else showing how to do that

Admittedly, these are language specific -- and aren't exactly what you are looking for, but it's the best I have seen.

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A good screencast I found is here. Though its targeted towards Ruby but the some extensions he used come in handy for other languages too. Gives a good glimpse of whats possible with Emacs.

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I recently put together a screencast showing how awesome a programming environment Emacs Lisp is: Writing A Spotify Client in 16 Minutes.

I'm not sure I qualify as an Emacs professional yet, but it definitely gives me vastly more power than Visual Blub .NET. :-)

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Thanks for asking this question. I found this Search for emacs on this page. There are nice interviews and they demonstrate close to what steve yegge has described(i.e looking over the shoulders of experienced emacs users"

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You can follow magnars.

He :

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