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I have a User model.

And User has a field called Balance (which represents how much money he has in his account).

I clearly don't want to make it attr_accessible.

But I want to be able to change its value (say when I charge him for something).

How do I write a getter/setter method for this attribute?

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@object.attribute = new_value attr_accesible is a protection from mass assignment don't mess it with attr_accessor which creates getters and setters

Here is question about difference Difference between attr_accessor and attr_accessible

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attr_accessible protects you from mass assignment, as used by update_attributes and similar.

It doesn't affect reading the value of that attribute at all, and it doesn't affect you calling the accessor directly. For example you could write

user.balance -= item.price

Presuming that you have previously verified that this is indeed the correct action to take.

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