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The entry is created like this:

Nodes.insert({name : node1, conf :{flag1: true, flag2: true } });

I wan't to update flag1 from my subarray. This is my code:

Nodes.update(Session.get("node"), {$set:   {conf :{ flag1 : false }}});

When I call the snippet - flag2 gets stripped from my array. I know I could probably add that part into the update notion - but the subarray conf will have lots of entries this could get a bit tedious .. . The order of the flags can change, too. Is there a magic potion for this. The mongodb document is not very clear about this.The conf.$ dot notation throws an error. Thank you for your time.

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You should use $set conf.flag1. Like this:

Nodes.update(Session.get("node"), {$set:   {"conf.flag1" : false}});

The $ positional operator is only used for arrays. Standard dot notation is used for subdocuments.

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