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Being familiar with programming, I am missing the ability to assign variables with ternary operators (i.e "set the variable to x if something is true, otherwise set it to y"). I'm thinking of something like:

set my_string to (if a is 0 return "" else return " - substring")

This of course doesn't work, and I haven't found anything similar yet. Would there be another way to achieve this with applescript?

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Looks like AppleScript doesn't support ternary operator but you can use list with two elements for that purpose, but of course its not very elegant in general case:

set my_string to item (((a is 0) as integer) + 1) of {"", " - substring"}

And there is another way: you can use shell script

set b to (do shell script "test " & a & " -eq 0 && echo 'is 0' || echo 'is not 0'")

How could I forget this :) And in your case it will be even more simple (because empty string will be if there is no echo at all)

set b to (do shell script "test " & a & " -eq 0 || echo '- substring'")
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if a is 0 then
    set my_string to ""
    set my_string to " - substring"
end if


set a to 7

set my_string to my subTern(a)

on subTern(aLocalVar)
    if aLocalVar is 0 then return ""
    if aLocalVar is not 0 then return " - substring"
end subTern
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