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Here is my php/MySQL task:

I have a table POSTS that contains num field that is the primary key and other information fields about the post (author, title, etc.). I also have a table LIKE that contains a userId field that is the primary key and a field POST that corresponds to the num field in posts. Given a specific userID, I need to get all of the rows from the POSTS table that the userId 'likes'.

Table 1 - posts


Table 2 - likes


This is all in php so my first idea was to get all of the rows from the LIKES table where the userId matches the one given and store those rows in an array. Then I would iterate through the array and for each row I would search get the row of the POSTS table where postId=POSTS.num. However, this seems like it would be rather slow, especially since each iteration through the array would be a separate mysql query.

I am assuming there is a faster way. Would it be to use a temporary table or is there a better way to join the tables? I have to assume that both tables contain many rows. I am a mysql novice so if there is a better solution please explain why it is better. Thank you in advance for you help!

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Try the following query:

  `posts` ON
  `posts`.num = `likes`.postId
  `likes`.Userid = {insert user id here}

Depending on your schema (not sure if each record in 'likes' has to be unique, you may want to use the DISTINCT keyword on your select to filter out duplicates.

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SELECT poli.* FROM (
SELECT po.* FROM posts po 
JOIN likes li
ON li.postId = po.num
WHERE li.userId = '$yourGivenUserId'
) AS poli

$yourGivenUserId is the given userId.

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