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I am having a problem in viewing a jpg file in chrome.

I have 4 pictures in a folder. All the browsers are showing up except my google chrome. Actually chrome shows only 3 pictures :( I am confused.

Can you check that in your chrome please? If your chrome does the same would you please help me to find out where is the issue?

No 1: <img src="http://demo.cutedrops.com/dmi/sites/default/files/donate-buttons/donate-my-insurance-ad-300-250.jpg" />
<br />
No 2: <img src="http://demo.cutedrops.com/dmi/sites/default/files/donate-buttons/donate-my-insurance-ad-200-200.jpg" />
<br />
No 3: <img src="http://demo.cutedrops.com/dmi/sites/default/files/donate-buttons/donate-my-insurance-ad-468-90.jpg" />
<br />
No 4: <img src="http://demo.cutedrops.com/dmi/sites/default/files/donate-buttons/donate-my-insurance-ad-125-125.jpg" />​


Note: I saved the file as "save for web" in photoshop cs6.

Thank you.

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Wow. That is strange. It flickers once, then disappears from the DOM entirely... –  minitech Dec 25 '12 at 23:41
With jsFiddles, always hit the RUN Button after the page loads, no matter the fiddle. This will prevent flickers and other abnormalities after the page has loaded. Cheers! –  arttronics Dec 25 '12 at 23:43
Comment has been updated. –  arttronics Dec 25 '12 at 23:48
+1 Great question! –  arttronics Dec 26 '12 at 0:08

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Using AdBlock in Chrome can cause images to be blocked, based on image dimensions.

If you are using this plugin, disable it.

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Yep, that’s it :D –  minitech Dec 25 '12 at 23:48
Awesome Andrey, Thanks a lot. Yes i disabled chrome facebook adblock. Now it is showing. –  Theepan K. Dec 25 '12 at 23:53
Excellent one....@andrey shchekin –  Just code Oct 8 '13 at 7:05

I am using Google Chrome Version 23.0.1271.97 m and there are no issues with your 4 images.

Since Chrome does not have in-browser image info like Firefox does, I inspected the image in current version of Firefox via Right-Click Mouse >>> View Image Info and the image specs check out ok.

To verify the image itself is not the culprit, I downloaded it to a temp folder and checked out the specs using freeware IrfanView Image desktop application. The info validates well too, since IrfanView will detect any file-header issues if they exist.


A recent comment suggests the image disappears after it has been loaded. In that case I recommend that you check to insure your Chrome is updated to the current version.

From Chrome's settings, choose About Google Chrome to check if an update is available.

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Thank you Arttronics, I really appreciate your help for taking your time to find out the issue. The problem was i have installed adblock extension. –  Theepan K. Dec 25 '12 at 23:55

I solved the problem. Open your image in Photoshop and "Save for Web". Then chrome will display those images.

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1) The post says they did that. 2) Images don't need to be "Saved for the Web" 3) This was already solved, it was not this, the solution has been accepted, and that was in 2012! –  MatBailie Mar 9 at 18:19

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