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We're using Views and ViewModels in this project, and as a result we're trying to have as little in the code-behind for the View as possible.

I'm trying to tie the MouseDoubleClick event for a WPFToolkit DataGrid to the same code that a Button in the same view already is using.

The Button is declared as the following:

<Button Content="Select" cmd:ButtonBaseExtensions.Command="{Binding CommandViewEmployer}"/>

which means it runs the CommandViewEmployer Property in the ViewModel. How do I get the Grid MouseDoubleClick to run the same property? I've tried adding MouseDoubleClick="{Binding CommandViewEmployer}", which errors.

I'm trying to get this in as little code-behind as possible, none preferably.

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ButtonBaseExtensions.Command seems to be an attached property. Why don't you change is to handle DoubleClick on any element (and not only button) ? –  Jalfp Sep 10 '09 at 7:32

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You can use something like Marlon Grech's attached command behaviors.

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