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For testing my roaming and/or local settings, I'd like to be able to clear all the settings.

I could do it like so, I guess:

App.roamingSettings.Value["SomeVal"] = string.Empty;
App.roamingSettings.Value["SomeOtherVal"] = string.Empty;
App.roamingSettings.Value["YetAnotherVal"] = string.Empty;

...but I'd rather have some quicker, cleaner (no pun intended) way. Is there one?

Also, relatedly, it would be nice to have a "Settings Manager" utility for quickly verifying they are what you think they are, too. Does anybody know of one?


This is my attempt to "roll my own" based on the answer; so far, no go:

string roamingSettingPairs = string.Empty;
for (int i = 0; i < App.roamingSettings.Values.Count; i++)
    // Print out whatever you want to verify that everything is as it should be
    //string roamingSettingName = App.roamingSettings.Name[i].ToString();
    //string roamingSettingValue = App.roamingSettings.Values[i].ToString();
    Dictionary<string, object> roamingSettingVals = App.roamingSettings.Values;
    string roamingSettingName = roamingSettingVals.Keys[i];
    object roamingSettingObj = roamingSettingVals.Values[i];
    //roamingSettingPairs = string.Format("{0}{1}={2}{3}", roamingSettingPairs, roamingSettingName,
      //                                  roamingSettingValue, Environment.NewLine);
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You can delete all of your roaming settings using this code:


For a Settings Manager, I would probably just use a for loop like so:

for (int i = 0; i < ApplicationData.Current.RoamingSettings.Values.Count; i++)
    // Print out whatever you want to verify that everything is as it should be
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I'm trying to implement the exercise left to the poster. I'm adding above to show what I've tried - getting all sorts of compiler errors so far no matter what I try. – B. Clay Shannon Dec 27 '12 at 22:17

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