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I'm trying to deploy a Refinery based site to a subdirectory on a domain using Apache and Phusion Passenger. Somehow it almost works, but not quite. Does anybody have any experience with this and can point me to what I'm missing?

Here's what I've tried so far:

At first I just made a symlink from the DocumentRoot of til site to the public directory of the app:

ln -s /webapps/myapp/public /www/myapp

And added the following to the apache virtual host section:

<VirtualHost *>
    RackBaseURI /myapp
    <Directory /www/myapp>
       Options -MultiViews

Pointing a browser to the /myapp subdirectory on the server gives me the app, as expected. However, the various links generated in the backend (found under /myapp/refinery) as well as the menu entries in the frontend points to the root of the site. That is, if I click on the "Pages" tab it tries to forward me to /refinery/pages while the correct path would be /myapp/refinery/pages.

Thinking that Refinery is made as a Rails Engine, I figured I should need to mount it to the /myapp-directory, so I changed config/routes.rb like this:

mount Refinery::Core::Engine, :at => Rails.env.production? ? '/myapp' : '/'

However, this now moves the site to /myapp/myapp instead. The links now makes sense pointing to /myapp/resource, but since the resources have moved another level down I'm still stuck.

I already have both redmine and another custom rails 3.0 app running under subdirectories of the same site, with no problems. Somehow refinery seems confused, though, and I can't see what I'm missing.

Looking at the Rack docs I've even tried changing my like this:

map '/myapp' do
    require ::File.expand_path('../config/environment',  __FILE__)
    run MyApp::Application

But that confuses the system even more, and all I get back is:

Not Found: /refinery

When I try to get the /myapp/refinery page.

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