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Hi, I've been trying create a tif file viewer, kindly help here is what I'm trying to do... There are a couple of tif files belonging to different categories in a folder at my desktop. I would like to categorize them, the names of those tiffs will be in Excel. Now I would like to use the Excel click button to open a form which contains the fixed catogory of those tif files and it must load the tif as well, so I can click the specific category and the next file should be loaded. An example is below.
Note: Few Tifs are multi-paged and few are single

Caption button1: "Show form to catog Tif"
Form1 with 2 buttons and a picture
Caption button2: "Next Tif"
Caption BUtton3: "Cancel / Exit"
end sub

optionbutton1="cat 1"
optionbutton2="cat 2"
optionbutton3="cat 3"
if option button not clicked
msgbx "Please choose cat"
end if
for i = 2 to tifcount
next i
end eub

unload Me
end sub

Please, guide me through.

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Could the underlying sheet layout be something like this: Sorry for the size, I suspect that all viewed images are included. – Jüri Ruut Dec 26 '12 at 20:59
Sorry for the delayed response.... – user1927783 Jan 2 '13 at 3:23
Actually What I looking for is a form with few buttons.... each button represents one catagory, the excel will contain the path and tif name for 1000s of images and its only "*.TIF"... All I want to do is Click button in excel sheet to open form, this should load the first TIF file from Cells(1,1), and when I click one of the buttons in the form to catogorise the TIF image, it should load the next TIF image. I'm able to do this with JPG but unsure how to load TIFs in VB forms... Please help Load TIF image in VB Form... – user1927783 Jan 2 '13 at 3:29

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