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In Tornado app I put settings for

settings = dict( cookie_secret="11oETzKXQAGaYdkL5gEmGeJJFuYh7EQnp2XdTP1o/", xsrf_cookies=True, autoescape="xhtml_escape", ) (copied from web, gonna change cookie_secret) and I am trying to execute from command line using curl

curl -d "name=Paola&last_name=James" --header "X-CSRFToken:11oETzKXQAGaYdkL5gEmGeJJFuYh7EQnp2XdTP1o/"

and I got error like

curl: (6) Couldn't resolve host 'X-CSRFToken:11oETzKXQAGaYdkL5gEmGeJJFuYh7EQnp2XdTP1o'
<html><title>403: Forbidden</title><body>403: Forbidden</body></html>

How to pass xsrf to host?

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1 Answer

XSRF must be passed in the cookie header, and in the form data OR X-CSRFToken/X-XSRFToken:

curl -d "name=Paola&last_name=James&_xsrf=11oETzKXQAGaYdkL5gEmGeJJFuYh7EQnp2XdTP1o/" --cookie "_xsrf=11oETzKXQAGaYdkL5gEmGeJJFuYh7EQnp2XdTP1o/; Path=/"


curl -d "name=Paola&last_name=James" --cookie "_xsrf=11oETzKXQAGaYdkL5gEmGeJJFuYh7EQnp2XdTP1o/; Path=/" --header "X-CSRFToken: 11oETzKXQAGaYdkL5gEmGeJJFuYh7EQnp2XdTP1o/"
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