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I'd like to extend the concept of Wake on LAN to be able to select the OS of a dual-boot computer with a packet across the network. Ultimately this would be used to boot a group of servers and select their OS (Windows or Linux) remotely.

I've done some research on GRUB, and it appears to be able to boot Windows, but is GRUB extensible enough for me to add the network part?

I'm willing to write my own bootloader. Though I've never written anything that low level, from the research I've done, writing a standard (no networking) bootloader seems doable. How do I interface with an Ethernet card at such a low level?

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You had an interesting question until the "good references" portion. Could you show us what you've tried and where you're stuck? If you've got a blank whiteboard, then you're asking way too broad a question; if you need help with a few things, then ask those pointed questions here. Again, interesting concept - just needs to be narrowed down to an answerable question. –  Makoto Dec 26 '12 at 3:49
@Makoto It's still a little vague, but hopefully this is a little better. –  0xFE Dec 26 '12 at 3:54

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