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I have a GridView like this

<GridView x:Name="TestGridView"  SelectionMode="None">                
      <WrapGrid Orientation="Vertical" ItemWidth="300" ItemHeight="80"  Height="480" VerticalAlignment="Top"  />

One of my GridViewItem contains a button, when I click this Button, a new GridViewItem will added to the GridView dynamically, I want the maximum number of GridViewItem is 8, after the eighth GridViewItem added to the GridView, the Button collapsed. Then add some other GridViewItem in next column of the GridView, but the 8th GridViewItem doesn't occupy all the space of the 2nd column, if I add new GridViewItem, it will automatically added to the 2nd column below the 8th GridViewItem. How to explicitly add GridViewItem to the next column?

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I think you can use group, there is a group collection in gridview. you can just add 8 item in a group, and then set other in the new group.

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