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I create a container like so:

$frontend = new SessionContainer('frontend', null);

I set a variable like so:


My question is, when you need to access this somewhere else, are you really supposed to instantiate a new SessionContainer with the same key everywhere you go and grab the var? Or, is the session data being passed around in another variable available in the controller or something?

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The preferred practice is to directly access the session values as if they were properties of the instantiated container object.

$frontend = new SessionContainer('frontend');
$bar = $frontend->foo;

The session container class does the rest of the work behind the scenes by calling:


which in turn calls:


Using the first example above helps improve readability. By the same token you can use:

$frontend->foo = 'bar';

Behind the scenes this calls:

$frontend->__set('foo', 'bar');

... and then:

$frontend->offsetSet('foo', 'bar');
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