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If I just open a terminal and edit a file in vim, multibyte characters display fine: source file with greek characters

However, if I ssh into my machine (even just using ssh localhost), multibyte characters start looking a bit wonky. They take up more room on the line (note the extra whitespace at the end of the line with p1 = "αβγβγγ")

phantom spaces

And editing the line tends to display ? characters as placeholders:

after an xp normal mode command on the alpha

I think this is some sort of environment, since :set encoding reports utf-8 when not using ssh and latin1 when using ssh. I suppose I could hardcode it to utf-8 in my .vimrc file, but I'd rather figure out what's causing the issue, and fix it more properly.

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set encoding=utf-8
set termencoding=utf-8

in your ~/.vimrc should take care of your issue.

Make sure that Terminal.app is itself correctly setup for UTF-8 and that the locale of your machine is also set to some form of UTF-8.

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set ambiwidth=double

in your .vimrc might solve this issue.

Did you tick the check-box labeled Unicode East Asian Ambiguous characters are wide? enter image description here

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