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I am trying to delete a handle handles.roi1 that I created.

I already tried to use the function delete:


but it gave me this error:

Argument must contain a string. 

My purpose is to delete a handle like I have never created it.

Do you have any suggestion or tips how can I do it?

Maybe I didn't express correctly...

I am doing a GUI, where I define in one button handles.roi1, but then I want to delete it on another button. This because, on that button I do:

try a=handles.roi1;

And I want that it goes to the catch. I tried to do the handles = rmfield(handles, 'roi1'); but it didn't work.

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What exactly do you mean by "delete a handle like I never created it"? Can you please provide more details on your problem? how exactly do you create handles.roi1? –  Shai Dec 26 '12 at 8:44
Is it possible that you overloaded delete function? can you please type which delete in your matlab's prompt and see where it points? –  Shai Dec 26 '12 at 9:46

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Edit: Rewrote the answer to match the info added by OP.

If handles.roi1 is created with imread:

handles.roi1 = imread('test.jpg');

or, storing the content first in the variable a and then making a copy of a into handles.roi1 (in this case you have 2 copies of the same data):

a = imread('test.jpg');
handles.roi1 = a;

then there are no open file handles. Further, a and handles.roi1 are equal, and they are not file handles, but each of them contains the color or grayscale image of the graphics file test.jpg (in this example case).

In MATLAB usually you get the file handle with fopen, but there are several file I/O commands that do not use file handles, for example imread, xlsread and fastaread do not use file handles.

In this case what you want (I assume) is to get rid of the field roi1 of the struct handles (handles.roi1 in MATLAB syntax), so you can use rmfield this way:

handles = rmfield(handles, 'roi1');

Which stores a new copy of handles without the field roi1 back to the same struct called handles.

Note that this has nothing to do with file handles or with graphics object handles. It's just a struct called handles that you or someone has names confusingly with a name handles, despite the fact imread doesn't return any file handles (nor graphics object handles) at all! I'd rather name it imageData instead of handles, because that's what it really contains.

On the other hand, if handles.roi1 really was a file handle created with fopen like this:

handles.roi1 = fopen('test.jpg');

In this case you would have a real open file handle in MATLAB, and you should first close the file with fclose like this:


Or alternatively, if you want to close all your open files opened with fopen:


Then, when after fclose you would like to get rid of the field roi1 of the struct handles (handles.roi1 in MATLAB syntax), you could use rmfield this way (same as in the case of imread):

handles = rmfield(handles, 'roi1');

Which stores a new copy of handles without the field roi1 back to the same struct called handles.

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handles.roi1 is a matrix of a image, like a=imread('friends.jpg') and I done handles.roi1=a. But, then I want to delete the handles.roi1. How can I do it? –  Pedro Pereira Dec 26 '12 at 13:11
Could you please edit your question to expand and clarify it? The code with which you define the buttons would be useful to be able to respond your question. –  Antti Nuortimo Dec 26 '12 at 15:32
try roi1=handles.roi1; h = imrect; roi2 = createMask(h); roi=roi1+roi2 handles.roi1=roi catch h = imellipse; roi1 = createMask(h); The problem is hard to explain. My problem is that I want to delete the handles.roi1 to force the code to goes to the catch again. –  Pedro Pereira Dec 26 '12 at 15:42
Then you can use handles = rmfield(handles, 'roi1');. –  Antti Nuortimo Dec 26 '12 at 21:27

If you just want to delete part of the handle, you can do as mentioned above:

rmfield(handles, 'roi1');

If you want to delete the entire handle, you can do:

clear handles
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rmfield(handles, 'roi1'); does not change anything, because rmfield is not an operator, it's a function (at least in R2012a), and it's not destructive. rmfield(handles, 'roi1'); only returns the struct handles without the field roi1. If you want to clear the field roi1, then you need to store the output of rmfield back to handles (or somewhere else). –  Antti Nuortimo Dec 29 '12 at 11:43

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