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On server:

Browser Url--->http://www.mysite.com/?email=external%2Buser%40gmail.com

Email passed in browser--->external%2Buser%40gmail.com 

Email After Encode--->external%5Euser%40gmail.com /* using urlencode function */

Email After Decode--->external^user@gmail.com /* using urldecode function */

On Localhost:

Browser Url--->http://localhost/test.php?email=external%2Buser%40gmail.com

Email passed in browser--->external%2Buser%40gmail.com

Email After Encode--->external%2Buser%40gmail.com /* using urlencode function */

Email After Decode--->external+user@gmail.com /* using urldecode function */

In above code i don't know why server result is different than localhost. on server %2B(+) is converted into %5E(^) while urlencode. I want same result as localhost. Please help me on this.

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You'd better use rawurldecode() instead of urldecode() and rawurlencode() instead of urlencode().

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This is most likely to the different character encoding on your server and localhost

Try converting them to a common character set as

urlencode( utf8_decode($strContent) );
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Akash, it still converts %2B in %5E after using utf8_decode. –  Mark Martin Dec 26 '12 at 5:17

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