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I have some code to fade in a message to the user in certain scenarios. This one ASPX page does a postback, and clears the page with success or failure based on fields filled out by the user.

I KNOW I'll probably start a huge war, on how I should be checking the DOM instead of the browser for the existence of mozilla. That's fine, I get that. But I just want to run the fadeIn() one time, when the page is created on the initial load.

if ($.browser.mozilla != true) {

I'm like on day three of jQuery here, so I've done some searches but not finding what I'm trying to do.


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You can use hidden field to keep the state of postback and use that hidden field before running the javascript code.

In html

<input type="hidden" runat="server" id="hdnIsPostBack" value="false" />

In code behind

    hdnIsPostBack.Value = "true";
    hdnIsPostBack.Value = "false";

In javascript

if( $('#<%= hdnIsPostBack.ClientID %>').val() == "false")
    //Your code here
    if ($.browser.mozilla != true) {
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Thanks for the great explanation. Makes sense now thinking more about it. And thanks for not being an ass like so many people on here. :) –  John Batdorf Dec 26 '12 at 5:29

It's quite simple as it looks

If you want to have fadein at initial page load then you can try with the following code.


one more thing, if your page is doing postbacks then you might want to get the same in such case you can try this from your <Page>.cs

ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this,GetType(),"<anything as key>","$('#dim').fadeIn();",true);

Let me know if the answer is not relevant.

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