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I am trying to remove windows file path from a file like "\abc\" but i am not sure which command I need to use in Unix.

I tried tr -d '\abc\' but it is not working. Are there any other commands I can use?

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Using sed:

echo 'c:\path1\abc\dir 2\file.txt' | sed 's/\\abc//'
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Hum, this would break if echo 'c:\path1\abcd\file.txt' | sed 's/\\abc//'. Can be easily fixed though: echo 'c:\path1\abcd\file.txt' | sed 's/\\abc\\/\\/'. – jfgagne Dec 26 '12 at 10:33

The following usually works. There is a function in bash called basename which automatically removes all but the file name

filename=$(basename "$fullfile")


basename ('C:/test/test.txt')


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