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I have a problem with my SSRS report when it runs from Dynamic ax 2012. I debugged it and I found out that the problem is with my SSRS report that I created in Visual Studio. I want to debug it there, but when I want to "Attach to process" I can't find ReportingServicesService.exe, because my Report Service is located on another server.

Please help me: what should I do to debug SSRS reports in Visual Studio?

I have SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010, and ax 2012.

The problem is that I didn't write any code in my report: I just use a data provider in my report, but debugging the data provider code shows that the problem is in my report.

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A way you can test your report is to create labels with the parameters values and othes, just to be sure that the filters or the calculated values are ok.

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I'm afraid that what you seem to want is not possible: there is no way to set breakpoints in reports and debug them like you would a regular .NET app. You haven't specified what type of problem you're facing, but in general you'll have to resort to more basic "debugging" techniques:

  • In some cases binary search may be your best bet
  • If you have a clue on where the problem lies you may be able to debug that part seperately (say the data shown is incorrect, so you could debug the query seperately, in a different tool such as SSMS)
  • As mentioned by @Rednaxel you can use "printf-debugging" to check parameters, expressions, etc.

If you've narrowed down the problem but can't find a solution you can always ask a question about that problem here, of course.

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