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I have a listview and its rows have different heights.

When I scroll up, rows appear to move up or down erratically.
(I don't find the behavior when I scroll down)

I suspect its due to the fact

  1. listView picks one of used rows
  2. the row is placed on top of visible rows.
  3. listView changes the row's height(here erratic movement)

but it's a guess.

I tried googling since this should be a common problem but couldn't find any.

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In this case, setting the right item height did the trick :

How to set different heights for each row in a ListView?

Edit: oh, and make sure you recycle the items correctly :

ListView reusing views when ... I don't want it to

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general idea is correct, I set imageHeight in getView with imageView.getLayoutParams().height = aHeight; –  eugene Dec 26 '12 at 10:08

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