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I am using PostgreSQL.
I have a table like below:

ID   product_id   Date         Qty
1    12           2008-06-02   50
2     3           2008-07-12    5
3    12           2009-02-10   25
4    10           2012-11-01   22
5     2           2011-03-25    7

Now I want the result like below (i.e product wise sum of qty field of last 4 years):

QTY( current year + last_year)  
QTY > 2 years
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SELECT product_id
      ,sum(CASE mydate >=  x.t THEN qty END) AS qty_current_year
      ,sum(CASE mydate >= (x.t - interval '1 y') THEN qty END) AS qty_since_last_year
      ,sum(CASE mydate >= (x.t - interval '2 y')
            AND mydate <   x.t THEN qty END) AS qty_last_2_year
      ,sum(CASE mydate <  (x.t - interval '2 y') THEN qty END) AS qty_older
FROM   tbl
CROSS  JOIN (SELECT date_trunc('year', now()) AS t) x -- calculate once

To resuse the calculated beginning of the current year I CROSS JOIN it as subquery x.

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