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Have a question on eclipse libraries. I have an eclipse java project where I have created a library which contains some 50 odd jars files which are needed by the project. Now I have created a new project where I need the library. A very cumbersome way to do this is to check all the jar files in that library, them create a new library in my current project where I will manually add all the 50 odd jars. Is there a way I can export the library from my old project to the current project so that I can have all the requisite jars in one shot.

Regards, Dev

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Yup you can export the lib.

refer to the screen shot enter image description here

Just select the Lib you want to export , then select export button

Enter the path where you want to store the export file

enter image description here

Now to import, go the the same place and select the import option

Select the import file and click ok

enter image description here

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Hi thanks for your answer,, But I still have a slight issue here. Actually the library is not a user library but from Maven dependencies library in which some other third party jars have been manually added. So I am not seeing it in the User libraries tab. So is there a way to create a user library having the same jars as the modified maven library and then export it as you have told just now...Once thanks for your help. –  user496934 Dec 26 '12 at 7:04
@user496934 : your question no where suggests anything about Maven. First Improve your question. –  Mukul Goel Dec 26 '12 at 7:24
I think my question is succinct, basically it is to export a system library not a user library. But ill explain more. The first project is a maven project, where I have edited the pom file and updated maven in eclipse which automatically modifies the maven library with the dependant jars in the maven library. So for the first project I have a lot of dependant jar files in maven library. Now I have created another maven project and I want the maven library of the new project to contain the same jars as the previous maven library . Is it possible to do it other than manually ? –  user496934 Jan 2 '13 at 11:15

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