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I'm having some troubles with keyframe animation using CSS3. The position of the image being animated changes based on the window/screen size. I've tried to find a solution to this problem but I'm lost. I tried to specify a boundary so the animation only plays inside that, but it did not work.

See here, and try resizing the window. I know this has something to do with the position:absolute. My ultimate goal was to have the space background move left to right but still be dead in center if that makes sense.

Thanks for your help.

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The problem is that the margin-left and margin-right properties are being set to auto, which adjusts the left margin of tdr-main, while space-bg's animation modifies the absolute left position. When the window is resized to a smaller size, the left-margin on tdr-main shrinks down to 45px, but the left position on the background image still moves betweens an absolute 342px and 450px.

If you embed space-bg inside the same container that has the auto margins on it,

<div id="tdr-main">
        <div id="space-bg">

then both will stay centered, and the position on space-bg will be relative to the centered container div. Just use z-index with absolute or relative positioning to keep things stacked correctly.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I tried doing that, but I'm still having the same problem. I moved tdr-back inside of tdr-main which has the margins left and right set as auto. Please note that tdr-main is the main graphic, while tdr-back is the space background that is moving. Sorry, I changed some of the terminology. –  mapr Dec 28 '12 at 9:20

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