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I'm trying to build a car which can drive itself using video frames from an Android camera on-board using Neural networks. I haven't bought the hardware (car + android).

Meanwhile, I want to simulate the driver application (on my laptop) by streaming video frames from a 3D simulator and see if works properly.

What's an easy-to-learn and mostly pre-configured engine for this?

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I think there are no easy-way to do that. In our robotic laboratory we use ROS to do this type of simulations.

It includes a 3D simulator (Gazebo), camera and sensor simulation and a lot of other stuff. You can see an example of 3D robot/camera simulation in this video.

Unfortunately ROS is not easy-to-learn and there is no complete documentation.

Another possibility is to use Blender (the open source, cross platform suite of tools for 3D). There are some robotic project that use Blender (you can see this page for more info) but I have no personal experience with it.

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You can try out V-Rep, even though its a commercial product its much superior in performance. It has built in models for autonomous cars. If you are from India, contact Asimov Robotics, they are the resellers

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