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We have huge number of system running Win XP and win 7.

We will be having Python x32 and x64 on systems. And the required modules (like PyQt4,win32,etc) are kept in the central location from where all can access those modules.

Modules are kept in different folders as per x32 and x64.

x32 Python


x32 modules are kept at


x64 Python


x64 modules are kept at


All modules are working fine from network location. But i need to run \\share\Python26_x32\python.exe \\share\\Python26_x32\Scripts\pywin32_postinstall.py -install on every system for win32 modules to work.

I have a situation where local python will be x32 and Maya x64. if i run the post script for x32, win32 modules won't import in Maya x64.

is there any alternate to use win32 without running postinstall script for win32 modules.

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At last after a long try I could able to manage this issue.

As i said i installed Python x32 and Maya x64.

After installation of Python x32 i executed \\share\Python26_x32\python.exe \\share\\Python26_x32\Scripts\pywin32_postinstall.py -install

After that i copied x64 pywin32 dlls from \\share\modules\x64\pywin32_system32


to %SystemRoot%\system32

And this solved my issue with python x32 having maya x64

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