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Good day

I'm creating a report based on 7 Query's the 1st query gets product_name the 2nd query gets sub_product_name the 3rd query gets sub_sub_product_name .... and so on

Not all products drop-down 7 levels, Thus only 3 query's are in use, ie(the other query's are blank, 'Which is what it is supposed to do)

How do I create a report based on only the Query's that are in use, Is there a way to check ...if query.field is null create reportA or something similar

A QUESTION derived on prev Question "Repitition of Query to produce report" {}


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Adding ms-access to your tags will greatly increase your chances of getting an answer. – Tony Toews Sep 16 '09 at 4:01

This is the standard Bill of Materials question. See Modules: Bill Of Materials for one approach. I'm sure there are many other approaches.

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