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I am integrating Open ID with a website which already has user accounts. I have checked the related code docs and so far things are pretty straight forward, now before I go ahead to implement that, I would like to ask what is the best way to integrate Open ID with already existing members.

My Plan
I had a certain plan in mind and wanted to know if this would be a good approach or will it pose a problem later on.

Say, I have a master table where users and password is stored (this is for existing users, that subscribed to our site directly without open id) Now I would make a OpenId table where it would map the users one-many with open id providers.

note: If registering via open id for first time, it would always make a account in the master user table, then map it accordingly in the open id map table.

What I would do is when an user clicks on login with yahoo, and authenticates at yahoo provider and comes back to our site, our app would pop a question :-

1) Do you aldready have an account on this site? If so, then would give an option to the user to login to the site username and password, if done correctly then it would map that existing user with yahoo, insert a record into the open id table mapping existing user with yahoo, but in this scenario what element would i use to uniquely identify the yahoo account? email? yahoo username?

A possible dilemma comes into picture, that if the user had originally registered with open id say google rather than going via the normal login/registration, I would need to get user to authenticate via google then return then if thats successful map the yahoo account to the account. Insert a record into the open id map table mapping existing user with yahoo, it would also aldready have the google one mapped by default.

2) New User? In this scenario it would fetch the username/email and create the account with a randomly generated password in the master table and map that user with the open id in the open id table.

Does this approach sound reasonable? If not why? What other possible ways can I integrate open id.

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