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I am newbie in Pinvoke. I want get mft after I find root when I can access directories. I want to use DeviceIoControl such as the code below:

BOOL DeviceIoControl(
   (HANDLE) hDevice,           // handle to device
   NULL,                       // lpInBuffer
   0,                          // nInBufferSize
   (LPVOID) lpOutBuffer,       // output buffer
   (DWORD) nOutBufferSize,     // size of output buffer
   (LPDWORD) lpBytesReturned,  // number of bytes returned
   (LPOVERLAPPED) lpOverlapped // OVERLAPPED structure

I don't known what value of FSCTL_GET_NTFS_VOLUME_DATA.

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The documentation lists WinIoCtl.h as being the relevant header. When we look there at the macro declaration we see:


Which leaves us with a little work to do. The lazy way to do this is to write a program to emit the value:

#include <Windows.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>

int main()
    std::cout << "0x" << std::hex << std::setfill('0') << std::setw(8) << code;
    return 0;

And this outputs our desired value:

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thanks for your replay. – mehdi nejati Dec 26 '12 at 11:15
I could just have given you the number, but I thought it more helpful to explain how to get hold of it for yourself. Then you can find out any other FSCTL code values that you may need. – David Heffernan Dec 26 '12 at 11:16

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