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Can any body tell me how to change the phpMyAdmin logo to my own logo? Is it possible?

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if u are @localhost file must be in installation .. – Bhavin Rana Dec 26 '12 at 8:08
Replace logo_left.png with your own image...? – Joachim Isaksson Dec 26 '12 at 8:09
where does it located..!?? – Chella Dec 26 '12 at 8:09

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If you don't want to rewrite the phpmyadmin image and you can access httpd.conf file, follow the below method.

Append the following line of code to httpd.conf:

redirect /phpmyadmin/themes/original/img/logo_right.png /mypath/mylog.png

then restart the web- server.

Or If you want replace the image, just find out the phpmyadmin directory. In Ubuntu the configuration file /etc/apache2/conf.d/phpmyadmin.conf contains the location of the phpmyadmin:

Alias /phpmyadmin /usr/share/phpmyadmin

Here the location is /usr/share/phpmyadmin. So the logo file is /usr/share/phpmyadmin/themes/original/img/logo_right.png

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