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I have a problem html macro.As I realized html macro does not allow insert wiki markup. For example - i need to insert link to user page. In wiki markup i'm type "[test|~test1]" and this is all. But this is not work in html macro. Maybe someone knows how to do it? Thanks. P.S. I'm use Confluence wiki version 4.1.5

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Which version of confluence are you using?

If you need to have the link be in wiki-markup, instead of simply using an html link, but want the rest of the page to be in html, then you'll have to place the wiki-markup link outside of the html tags.

So it would look something like this:

<p>Insert your html content here</p>
<p>Insert the rest of your html content here</p>

Depending on which version of confluence you have, the way to insert this content in your editor might differ though.

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