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I just define a function as below and export it to python by using boost.python.

I have a doubt what is the corresponding type of [File* local_conf] in python.

size_t curl_conf(const char* conf_url,FILE *local_conf)
     return 0;

     using namespace boost::python;
       def("curl_conf",curl_conf,"get conf");
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As quick google search and I found this blog article that seems to exactly answer your question : http://bfroehle.com/2011/10/file-and-boost-python/

You have to write a small wrapper as there is no direct conversion.

An example of the wrapper can be found here : https://gist.github.com/1265889

However, an alternative is to pass a string and open the file on the c++-side. It's up to you.

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Thanks, It needs some work to transfer from fd to FILE ,vice versa . filepath --fopen()-->FILE*; filepath--open()--fd; fd--fdopen()-->FILE*; fd--readlink(/proc/%getpid()/fd/%fd"))-->filepath; –  hxc Dec 27 '12 at 6:35

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