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I'm looking for a Skyscanner like Javascript calendar (jQuery powered if possible). The jQuery UI's one doesn't fit my needs as it's not very flexible.

For instance, I need to add buttons (like Skyscanner) to select the next weekend for example. Also, I'd like to have them on top of the calendar grid.

Skyscanner Calendar

I searched a lot recently and found nothing.

Any ideas to share?


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Though not jQuery based, I really like and suggest Kalendae:

enter image description here

Another one, having all the features (like month and year selection and etc, but not the exact UI) is JSCal2 though I think it's not completely free - check out their site for that.

And Zebra is also not bad, functional and minimalistic, and jQuery based.

A datepicker with the exact design like Skyscanner i think you will not find, so you can see which one of the available ones suits most.

EDIT: Regarding an easy way to add a button to a calendar: see this question "jquery datepicker adding custom button"; there is also a jsfiddle referenced in it with an example. Note that this example uses jQuery's Datepicker.

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Thanks for your answer Matin. They're not bad but I don't see an easy way to add more buttons. – OyoKooN Dec 26 '12 at 10:10

I have worked this out in a roundabout fashion.

beforeShowDay I add the date to each calendar item as a class i.e. "date-YYYYMMDD" If the date array is populated, add an additional class "preSelectedDay"

beforeShow I dynamically wrap a container with my new buttons around the datepicker, scraping and applying the styles to it from the datepicker

input.focusin I then Add a css class to the datepicker to override inline styles, as this is now handled by the wrapper.

button.hover The button hovers highlight days by manipulating the DOM and adding a "selectedDay" class The date array then looks for the first and last class "selectedDay" and populates the array by scraping the dates we added earlier "date-YYYYMMDD"

I've created a demo here -

(Please ignore the styling)


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