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var r=db.execute("query")

Hi! I wanna access the columns (and rows) obtained from this query (like q[0].column1). But when I store it in a var it is not possible.

What kind of datatype or technique can I use?

Is there a difference between single row output and multiple row output when doing this?

I am working with sql server CE db (sdf file) in webmatrix.

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What type does execute return? What type is db? –  Oded Dec 26 '12 at 9:55

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I suppose that db is an object of Database type from the WebMatrix.Data namespace, opened with a command like

var db = Database.Open("yourDb");

If this is right, the Execute method (with the capital E) doesn't return a query, but an integer that is the count of records affected by the SQL statement executed (INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE).

The methods that return the result of a query are three: Query, QuerySingle and QueryValue.

Query returns a list of rows as IEnumerable of Objects. The following example queries a Northwind table and displays the result:

    var db = Database.Open("Northwind");
    var data = db.Query("SELECT ProductID, ProductName FROM Products WHERE SupplierID = 1");
    foreach (var row in data){
        <p>@row.ProductID - @row.ProductName</p>

QuerySingle returns a single row as Object, e.g.:

    var db = Database.Open("Northwind");
    var data = db.QuerySingle("SELECT ProductID, ProductName FROM Products WHERE ProductID = 10");
    <p>@data.ProductID - @data.ProductName</p>

QueryValue returns a single value as Object:

    var db = Database.Open("Northwind");
    var data = db.QueryValue("SELECT UnitPrice FROM Products WHERE ProductID = 14");
    <p>The price of product n. 14 is: @data</p>
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Your DB is going to return a table or a dataset. In order, to access the data in each cell you need to loop through the DataTable or DataSet rows and specify each column index or name.

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