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I created a simple .proto file and executed the compiler (protoc-2.5.0rc1-win32.zip). A java file was generated to the prescribed package. However, the generated file does not compile. The .proto file is simple with a single message with a bunch of simple types optional fields (properly numbered). The .java file does not compile, for example:

  • The constructor GeneratedMessage.FieldAccessorTable(Descriptors.Descriptor, String[]) is undefined
  • The method ensureFieldAccessorsInitialized(Class, Class) is undefined for the type GeneratedMessage.FieldAccessorTable
  • ... and host of other errors along the same line (like trying to override a final method in superclass)

errors that hint at some mismatch at the level of the API version? Any ideas?

Thanks RESOLVED: found that the version of proto expected by the API I am using is 2.4.1 and I was using latest.

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I spent the last 4 hours trying to track this down. It turns out includes an older prototype buffer version, and the versions conflicted.

Solution: Check all your libraries for older versions of prototype buffer, it may be included in something you have already.

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My guess is that you first need to build a new protocol buf jar ( protobuf-java-2.5.0rc1.jar ) from the source distribution protobuf-2.5.0rc1.zip and make this a local "system" dependency of your maven pom.xml. I also get compile errors if i just produce new java stubs with the new compiler but have the old 2.4.1 jar dependency in my pom. I couldnt find a maven repository which hosts the 2.5.0rc1.jar already built. If you just take the source files from the source distribution , you miss some class files like com.google.protobuf.DescriptorProtos.*.

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