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My following SQL is not working but when I use same regular expression in Java, it's work fine

(MESSAGE, '^(92|0)?(3[0-9]{9})\\*([0-9]{4})\\*(([0-9]{3})|1000)$')

Please help what I am doing wrong.

i am comparing following string

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+1 for making it work in Java! –  Rachcha Dec 26 '12 at 11:51
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There is a bug in your search pattern: \\*. This should be \*, as you only need one \ to escape the *.

FROM tbl
WHERE REGEXP_LIKE(MESSAGE, '^(92|0)?(3[0-9]{9})\*([0-9]{4})\*(([0-9]{3})|1000)$')

The other problem is in the \*(([0-9]{3})|1000)$ part - the last part of your string. The string you have provided 03211234090*0000*75 does not end with three digits between 0-9 or "1000".

$ means the string must end with the expression immediately preceding it.

As a solution try putting \*(([0-9]{2, 3})|1000)$ if your business logic allows this. This will allow the either two or three digits or 1000 after the last asterisk to be accepted and the row will be retrieved.

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sorry for typo infact i am camparing 03211234090*0000*750. In java we have to put two \\. Thx its working fine for me. –  ImranRazaKhan Dec 26 '12 at 12:05
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The real question should be: how come it's working in java?
Since the string 03211234090*0000*75 doesn't match your regular expression - the las part (after the second asterix needs to have 3 digits or 1000 and you have only 2)

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+1 for "how come it's working in Java?" I didn't even think about that! –  Rachcha Dec 26 '12 at 11:49
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