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Possible Duplicate:
How to add dynamically a combobox using jQuery

Look, I've this working code for dynamic comboboxs.

<div id="combos" class="styled-select">
<select id="combo1" class="combo" data-index="1">

$('#combos').on('change', '.combo', function () {
        var selectedValue = $(this).val();

        if ($(this).find('option').size() > 2) {
            var newComboBox = $(this).clone();
            var thisComboBoxIndex = parseInt($(this).attr('data-index'), 2);
            var newComboBoxIndex = thisComboBoxIndex + 1;
            $('.parentCombo' + thisComboBoxIndex).remove();
            if (selectedValue !== '') 
            newComboBox.attr('data-index', newComboBoxIndex);
            newComboBox.attr('id', 'combo' + newComboBoxIndex);
            newComboBox.addClass('parentCombo' + thisComboBoxIndex);
            newComboBox.find('option[value="' + selectedValue + '"]').remove();

What this does is create a new one combobox everytime I fill the combobox before.

What Im looking for is that code create 2 comboboxs everytime I fill the combobox before, instead just one.

How could I do that?


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Not sure if this what you want but this adds two combo boxes (after $('#combos').append(newComboBox);):

var otherComboBox = $('#combo' + newComboBoxIndex).clone();
otherComboBox.attr('id', 'othercombo' + newComboBoxIndex);
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