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I have a string like this = ["41020834846 - Yan Oda 1" .I want to delete the ( [" ) in the beginning of the string with replaceAll.

so what should I do?

I have tried replaceAll("[\"", "") but it did not worked.

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Is that pattern -[" only at the beginning? – Rohit Jain Dec 26 '12 at 12:10
yes.but I solved the problem now. – kaplanfat Dec 26 '12 at 12:30
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Try below code.

String test = "[\"41020834846 - Yan Oda 1";
Log.i("======= Replace String"," :: "+test.replace("[\"", ""));

Output- 41020834846 - Yan Oda 1

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silly me I have tried this but forgot the check.but thanks a lot for reminding and answering. – kaplanfat Dec 26 '12 at 12:30

Just use replace("[\"", "") instead.

replaceAll(...) is for regexp match. If you want to do it with replaceAll you need to escape the symbol [ used in regular expressions:

replaceAll("\\[\"", "")

If the string is always at the start exactly like that, just do:

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you can use substring method:

String str = "[\"41020834846 - Yan Oda 1";
str = str.substring(2);
// OR
// str = str.substring(2, str.length());
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You need to have replaceAll("\[\"", "") since the [ is part of the regex syntax, thus making you input invalid regex for your case.

Also you can use one of the Apache Commons StringUitls or Guava if you work a lot with text. Using StringUtils for example there is StringUtils#remove(str,remove) where for example:

 StringUtils.remove("queued", "ue") = "qd"
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You should not use the


instead of this, use the


method. Other way is that Using of String Class methods.

Good Luck!

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Try it :

 String example = "["41020834846 - Yan Oda 1";
    String pattern = "^(\[\")";
    example = example.replaceAll(pattern,""));
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