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In this class

   public class Rest_name_adapter extends BaseExpandableListAdapter  {

I have put Logs in all the methods to check the sequence of called methods. But from the statement in my activity class

   exp_listView.setAdpater(new Rest_name_adapter(getParent(), group_list, child_list));

It goes to the Rest_name_adapter class, just calls the contructor and nothing else. I dont know why It is not calling this: getChildView() and getGroupView() methods?? In context, I have used getParent() because this is the child of TabGroupActivity. Please help

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try this.getParent() it may help you. –  MAC Dec 26 '12 at 12:39
what is the size of your data sets? are you returning proper count of child and groups? –  Adil Soomro Dec 26 '12 at 12:46

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Do you implement some methods in your Rest_name_adapter? If not there is a simple explanation - adapter calls getGroupCount(), which returns 0 by default. As there a no groups - no views needed. So there is no one call to getGroupView() occured.

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