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I was writing an plugin of Adobe Illustrator. The Illustator UI has many non-modal dialogs (floating panels) in main window. I want to deal with the WM_MOUSEMOVE message of one panel. So I find the handle of the panel and use SetWindowLongPtr() to set a CALLBACK function of that panel, and use SetCapture() function to let it capture the mouse. But in the callback WM_MOUSEMOVE messages didn't come, however I use SPY++ to watch the panel and all WM_MOUSEMOVE messages were there. So I guess that the host application does something (maybe mouse hook?) to get the mouse messages and doesn't hand them to the panel's callback function.

What can I do to know where the host application intercepts the messages? It seems host will change the cursor when mouse moves to somewhere, how can I prevent it from setting the cursor?

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